Calculation of snubber components and driver gate resistors

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Dear members I am presenting an Two articles regarding the calculation of snubber components and gate drive resistors.
It often comes the need to determine the snubber components in a half or full bridge smps. The snubber described here is intended to be put across the primary winding of a switching transformer, however if ringing is present due to factors like leakage inductance present in switching transformers we need to suppress them. In the previous article presented the text moved and some working shifted out of place, however a PDF file is presented that can be downloaded so that one can refer to it when needed.

In the second article is the calculation of gate resistors when using mosfets or IGBTs. Here I am describing how one can calculate the gate resistor according to the driver power so that the fet can be driven in adequate time and not overloading the driver at the same time.

These two articles have been gathered on line during my research from various websites. They have been arranged and I tried also to correct mistakes so that all will be understandable as much as possible. I am a hobbyist and I am sharing my research so that all can benefit from what I learn.



Calculation of snubber components and driver gate resistors.pdf
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