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Thread: PGA2311 Digitally controlled pre-amp

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    PGA2311 Digitally controlled pre-amp

    I am about to embark on a project using microchip controller and PGA2311 as a pre-amp. Am waiting for these to arrive: PGA2311 ic, HD44780 LCD, Rotary encoders, some 16F628 A to start playing with and mess around with things and some 16F877 soon to be purchased. Still deciding about Hi-tech C or assembly . I'll be using MPLAB IDE to program the microcontrollers and a pickit3 clone programmer.

    Am not planning to have plenty of inputs to spare the need for additional ic's that will control relays serially.

    If anybody wants to share anything you are welcome. I'll be starting as the pic arrive to build a simple power on/off and input select with leds as status display.

    Then the LCD and last the PGA2311 and rotary encoders

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    Very Nice.

    I am planing the same project here, but using 4 PGAīs for a 7.1 set. I am planing to use PIC too.

    For now I am staring working on the IR reception for another project (stereo 4 input selector with motorized volume control)

    Sure we can share some information.


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    Hi Mauricio thanks for your reply great we can share info. I just got my 16F628A am waiting for some more parts to get in. I need to buy some leds and tact switch this weekend and get started with the project. Are you planning to use C or assembly? Am also planning to extend this setup to a 5.1 or 7.1 project. The only resources i found on the net relating to this kind of project are the following:
    Stereo unit:
    7.1 unit:

    Speaking of IR i made a small project begining this year but it did not turn out right I wanted to send IR remote over FM(we still have some non crowded region in FM band here). The fm transmitter worked but i did something wrong interfacing the IR receiver amp to the transmitter think i lost the carrier on the way. the circuit consisted of a BF245 Jfet buffer, this FM transmitter tuned to 100Mhz: I got signal reception up to 10 metres with signal going through walls when sending music through the transmitter but IR signal recovery with FM receiver was very very bad. I've put it aside maybe i will come back to it another time. Do you mind sharing your schematic or by mail?

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    I have started playing with the pic i am using a 16F84A with 4MHz crystal and hi tech c Lite in MPLab IDE. After some test and checking switch debounce time with oscope. I managed to build the power on/off part which is the main program section. I will be diving on making an input selector soon with that 16F84A. My HD44780 and rotary encoders are still on their way to my place. How are things going on your side?

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    In my case, itīs going slow, I had been working a lot in my job and did not have enougth time to work on the project.

    Hope I can resume the work on the next weekend.


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    Hi Mauricio thats a big issue sometimes and i end up the same a lot. i will keep posted as my project moves ahead

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    dear zeus_-threat

    You are doing very well, i hope to see your projects completed, because I want to build them

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    hi thanks yosemite, you mean this one and the smps? Sure my friend

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    Current Test schematic and more

    This is the currenttest setup Schem.JPG i will move switches to PortA and keep PortB to switch sources. That means 1 power switch on RA0, 1 on RA1 for moving down the input source selection 1 switch on RA2 for moving up source selection. That will make for a total of 8 sources which can be switched using relays or anything else. This is indicated as leds here:Schem pic test 2.JPG and could be built as npn transistor switch with the relays switched between +ve pin and collector or only 4 pins could be connected to a 40pin CDXXXX series which could switch a huge number of sources but i doubt anybody needs that much : Besides making this preamp am also thinking of using pic for psu protection, connect oT/oc/ sensors directly + ov&uv through optocoupler and use a pic to switch off the smps oscillator
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    Got the input selector to work with power on off strange thing though i set RA3 as output it would not work though i used TRISA=11000 anyway i sent the power the power handling to RB0 and RB1 to RB7 are used to switch inputs. Right now its swithing leds but a realy switches much slower than that and a simple mod would be to add delay to allow the relays to stabilize as they get switched on. Another thing missing is to store the current switched input position after complete power removal from the circuit i will have to dig deeper to find out how to do this and re-adjust the circuit accordingly to allow some lines to interface with some memory. I don't know if it can be saved on the pic ???

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