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Thread: Class D 200 Wrms with 2 mosfet cheap

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    diysmps Senior Member
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    class d in my experience is very unstable with high voltage e.g ucd etjale , sigma all detex irs etc , discreet ucd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stewin View Post
    Attachment 5984Attachment 5985another version of 200watts smd amp .thanks to GOD and all diy world .

    all the above amps i,ve tested and are working fine
    Hi Stewin
    this amp need DC,OC and short protection too.

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    Hi, i have built a similar amp with LM393, IRF9540+IRF540 with T-106-2 core.
    My question: woud a RM8 - PC40 core be sufficient for a ~200W amp?

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