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Thread: Class D 200 Wrms with 2 mosfet cheap

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    diysmps Senior Member
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    Dec 2010
    class d in my experience is very unstable with high voltage e.g ucd etjale , sigma all detex irs etc , discreet ucd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stewin View Post
    Attachment 5984Attachment 5985another version of 200watts smd amp .thanks to GOD and all diy world .

    all the above amps i,ve tested and are working fine
    Hi Stewin
    this amp need DC,OC and short protection too.

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    Hi, i have built a similar amp with LM393, IRF9540+IRF540 with T-106-2 core.
    My question: woud a RM8 - PC40 core be sufficient for a ~200W amp?

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    I would recommed you to use RM10 for 200W output.

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    diysmps Senior Member
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    Oct 2011
    Kuala Lumpur, MY
    this very cheap amp for everyone and until now only need few bucks to build. im gonna make pcb gerber for it and order it and assembled

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