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Thread: Weird old MOSFET AMP?

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    Weird old MOSFET AMP?

    Can anybody of anything to talk about this weird Amplifier?
    I got some specimen. It is some kind of 100V line amplifier, but there is no information even on the internet.
    And I also ask here - maybe someone knows something?
    Amplifier has made an interesting - its input stage is used integral amplifier TDA2030, the power stage operating only N-Channel L-FETs, namely Hitachi 2SK135, they are 6pcs in each amplifier, is it a MONO-amplifier.
    The back panel is marked with the manufacturer: Communication & Control ENG CO. Park Road Calverton Nottingham England.
    Model: Power Amplifier TYPE 770/200M/A/382.

    I check the MOSFETs and they are all good. It is also the output transformer, maybe they can use without rework in a tube amplifier?
    Or can anyone here to talk about this amplifier?

    I do not have a schematic - so please don`t ask it
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    Classic amp for speech, and of course they r mono, its not design for music, its design for clear speech. output trafo good for horn speaker .

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