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Thread: Photos of PGA2310 experiments

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    Photos of PGA2310 experiments

    These are photos I took while experimenting with PGA2310 and PT2388.. Schematics and codes are not ready yet, still have much work to do on this project.
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    Here is the schematic.
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    ı see. this is very pretty study. but ı love variable and handly controlled filters.

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    I connected ZCEN to Vcc. I don't hear clicks while changing volume. Sound of PGA2311 is so much clean and I like it.

    So I wanted to run more tests. I downloaded a function generator and generated 1000Hz. Clicks were audible. This was for testing only to see the artifacts people talking about in the PGA231x chip.

    ATmega16 is running at 8MHz, PGA2310 is so fast reading the data I send, this is really a good thing. To be honest, in both, music and 1000Hz cases, it was better to remove any delays in the code while sending data to the PGA2310 chip. I tried to mute-change-unmute sequence and it made it worse while testing on 1000Hz sine wave.

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    metal, are u writing firmware in C?...if so would you be kind enough to share code?..i have these chips and would like to use them...

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    hey erhan
    greetings picture of your pre amplifier can you send crest amplifier schematic the one you were talking about

    thanking you
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