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Thread: Calculation programs for transformers and inductors

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    no printing result.

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    hello friend Staichok 51 is available as version 9.1 program in English? since I'm already grateful thanks.

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    no. it is only Russian.

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    Hello Starichok51. I have just sent you a contribution money to your PayPal. Thank you for very good job!

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    hi daymoon. thank you very much for your financial assistance.

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    Hi every one. what frequency does homage company is used for 12v smps iverter.

    Quote Originally Posted by P.S.RAJU View Post
    Hello sir starichok51
    Thanks for your reply of etd59 winding detail,i tried with your software ExcellentIT (7100) i could not calculate the winding properly,so it will be greatful to
    you if you could give me a example of ExcellentIT (7100) with attached image of etd 59 winding detail, my my frequency is 125kh half bridge.using sg3525

    thank you
    Hi . i am designing an smps based inverter. i have ferrite core transformer which i pick from homeage ups 12v board having power rating is 660w. i have faced frequency matching problem. i design 70kHz frequency from ka3525 but my mosfet get burn out. please any one have idea about frequency of homage ups.?

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