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Thread: HD CLASS EEE engine

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    HD CLASS EEE engine

    greetings after many failures some sucess in HD class just a experimental rig but its working
    small vedio poor audio vedio quality

    warm regards

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    HD CLASS EEE engine

    class ab amp with voltage swing on rail (based on input signal) = class h + buck converter for supply rail!.....its from yamaha amps...detex audio make a design like that..class EEengine.....nice 1 sir!..

    sorry for my poor english... i'm from philippines

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    very nice vedeo

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    DETEX AUDIO HD CLASS in experimental stage

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    If goos semiconductors are used, great results can be achieved, keeping AB class sound.

    Me too, tested

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    Hi Djleco
    greetings yes you correct amplifier HDclass now working on 150 volts dc +/-
    warm regards

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    hi Rookiex,
    may you share schematic and pcb design,


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    Thanks for sharing your work here. Hope it will be helpful for all of us in our future projects.
    I am working on a project now days. I want to know about the power supply that you used here?
    Also what are the details of the other hardware components?
    Can you please post any schematic related with it here?

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    Will you plz share pcb of this ampl.

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