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Thread: 1kW smps project (based on MicrosiM design)

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    Quote Originally Posted by taj1989 View Post
    Hi Microsim!

    Here's the PCB with the corrections you said:

    high resolution: PCB
    Please tell me if it's OK and then I start to build it.

    Thank you for your help!
    That looks better now, I advice you to use thick tracks for the AUX output section if you can &

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    Hy MicrosiM , could you please send me in pm final schematic or at my mail please

    keep losing track of wich one of these pcb's is the correct one ,,,,,,,,,,one that actually works ok

    thank you

    ps kindof a noob here

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    latest on 1kw smps

    hello dear friends in this forum,
    i am sending as attachment, the new design, prototyping smps. comments
    dr.sanjeevi rao s
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    1.2 kva half bridge smps

    smps by detex audio
    warm regards
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    1.2kva smps

    pcb for SMPS
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    Same the smps Triell ,a problematic smps ,better sg3525 ir2110, or totem pole more transformator inverter
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    Hello guys. I see that there many people building this smps but I don't see any working schematic. Where is the schematic? A final schematic?

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    Hi. Where are informations about how make current transformer? Can i use green core from atx?
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    Thumbs up smps supply 1200 watts

    greetings 1200 watt smps made by sir irvynejay to be tested with load
    many thanks to detex audio for helping us to make this smps possible
    its our first smps have lots to learn
    warm regards
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    Michelle, that picture that you have posted is the SMPS that you have posted in #545 post?


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