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Thread: 1000w smps based on LUDO3232

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    Quote Originally Posted by vuhotay View Post
    Hello Mr/Ms Silvio!
    Thank you for your circuit.
    But I wonder how feedback signal work?
    Thank you!
    If you are referring to my schematic with SG3525 and IR2110
    The feedback works by taking a sample of the output voltage which is compared with the reference voltage of the TL431. When the voltage of the output goes higher the led inside the opto coupler will light up and switching the photo transistor inside the opto and this in turn switches pin 1 of the sg3525 to ground thus reducing the pulse width hence also the output voltage. A balance is maintained so that the output voltage remains constant.

    The 33v zener is there because the TL431 cannot take more voltage than this. As you can see from the schematic the output voltage is much higher (more than 100v).

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    Thank you sir!
    I am very worry before going to page 19 and I see your v2 version and I see your feedback circuit.
    Thank you!

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