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Thread: LLC transformer details

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    LLC transformer details

    So, I've been toying a little with a LLC switchmode PSU.

    I got a working prototype that appears to max out at 95% eff with 230Vac in and 50V out @100W.

    But it appears that I've overlooked some details about the placement of the X-former windings.
    From what I can google it looks like that its a bad idea to have windings coverings the gap in the X-former beacuse the of the high flux there ?

    I can see (thermal cam) that the primary gets pretty hot and perhaps the heat is concentrated around the gap.

    Any good guidelines out there on the actual details on LLC-Xformer construction?

    Kind regards TroelsM

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    And one more:

    This link states that:

    "In practice, for a uniform air gap the high-intensity magnetic field due to the fringing flux is produced over a distance roughly equal to the length of the air gap.8) This is visible in the simulation results in Fig. 2"

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