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Thread: Group Buy 2KW Class-H Amplifier

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavindoo View Post
    Mr ... how to know ir2117 work well ... I am building a class H amp volt dc step-up using ir2117 ... on the negative rail can not walk ...
    Buy the PCBs, and and the amplifier its cheaper

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    my power on switch at main supply melt with 2kva trafo, lol i think its draw huge current, also my friend horn tweeter dead

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    my amp is near to finish after long time

    after some time i manage to test my amp again, this time it is near to finish im going to fix it in a wooden case.
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    some more pictures
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    Very nice build mj777 &

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    very nice work

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    Nice n cool...

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    my working amp

    very powerful amplifier, detailed clear sound, strong bass. I really like how it sounds.
    you will be happy how it sounds. Thanks to Microsim and Workhorse for a well design class H Amp.
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    very nice work indeed, I really like it

    thanks for posting your hard work &

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