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Thread: 110Vcc homemade SMPS

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    110Vcc homemade SMPS

    Hi, im new in this forum so thanks you for let me being a part first of all sorry for my bad english

    Second, im making an smps for an old transformer that i have (220Vac to 110Vac 10 Amps) and i want to make an 110Vcc smps (7 Amps maybe? 5?)

    this is what i have for now, if anyone can help me by advicing or asking or whatever is more than welcome

    PWM and control:




    The input for the "power" picture is the output from the diode bridge and the transistor im using is the irfp460 mosfet

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    ok i made the pwm board and the 494 blew. i connect 24v in the "Vrec1" pin and the pot was minimum :C

    idk what to do next lol

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