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Thread: IR2153 Blows UP!

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    @ Kooroshi60 Glad to hear that you resolved your problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by kooroshi60 View Post
    The problem was the fake Chinese chips.
    The fake Chinese chips have laser engraved marking. But the original IR 2153 is marked with white color ink.

    I bought some original IR smd chips and now it works rock solid.
    oh same problem here, too many fake chips

    for softstart I usually use 47 to 100 ohm 10W resistor bypassed by relay

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    Fake parts are serious problem indeed, buying from unknown seller over aliexpress will usually get you fake chips.

    You should only buy from trusted sellers.

    Good to hear that you have solved it. &

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    You guys are wonderful. Thank you all for your help.
    I used this SMPS for a solid state audio amplifier and it works really well.

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    thanks silvio long time no see bro, ir2153 ur using having regulated is bad idea, ir2153 is not design for regulated supply. i have made many ir2153 and i did not blow the mosfet yet. ill post some picture soon of my new build of smps to pull 2xirs2092 amp .

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