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Thread: Right SMPS for 80W+20W class D

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    Right SMPS for 80W+20W class D

    Hi, i am designing a pair of active Studio Speakers.
    Bi-amped, and controlled by an ADAU1701 DSP.
    The DSP is already working.
    Also both amplifier, i just have to choose whitch i use.
    (i made a self oscillating with LM393 and IRF9540/540 pair, or an UCD like the Phillips UM10155)
    So i need a smps which provides ca. +/-35V, 5V for the DSP and Protection circuit, and maybe 12V for the Mosfets in the amplifier.

    I already tried a circuit with TL494, but the problem was, that the feedback of the SMP was on the +/-35V.
    So when the amp was in idle the 5V for the DSP dropped. to <3V.
    But when i draw more current from the main Voltage, the voltage before the LM7805 gets to high.
    How can i solve this?
    Make a regulation with minimum PWM?
    Or generate the 5V with a Buck converter from the 35V.
    Or try an unregulated SMPS?

    I hope what i wrote is understandable...
    Greetings David

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    Hi Plasma

    I guess you should try an unregulated smps with the simple IR2153. Taking out also some other low voltages which can be regulated with a 78xx chip will do the job for you.

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    ir2153 will do the job for you.

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