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  1. [How To] get the ferrite cores from PC PSU
  2. Simple Design Approach
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  17. Le Monstre - Hiraga
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  21. Another stab at the ultimate PSU
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  24. 1KW PFC _ CCM Power Factor Corrector.
  25. Design a 3kW DC/DC smps
  26. Has anyone used TI ucc28600 before?
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  29. "TO-247" First Project - 600W SMPS"
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  31. Help Finding Core/Bobbin for SMPS Repair
  32. Klipsch Bash SMPS DIY Rebuild
  33. Open SMPS Project 1kW
  34. 2,2kW Variable Frequency Drive + PFC
  35. Processing ATX-power supply (transformer winding)?!
  36. Am i measuring ripple correctly?
  37. To rewind the ATX- power supply transformer?!
  38. Low Power 240V AC SMPS <30W flyback or forward?
  39. SMPS design for peak power or average?
  40. EI-33 based half bridge
  41. 800W Half Bridge SMPS for audio amplifier
  42. 2x1000 W SMPS for audio
  43. SMPS based on QUASAR design
  44. PWM TL494 with core PM62
  45. Core Size
  46. 4-10kw boost converter/pfc
  47. IR2153 smps with short circuit protection.
  48. DC Boost converter
  49. Need smps schematics
  50. SMPS Desing questions
  51. ER33c / EI 33 / ETD 34
  52. 200A TIG AC/DC welding machine
  53. Flyback vs Half Bridge question
  54. Best IR2153 design?
  55. 60v 30amp PFC corrected regulated SMPS design required!
  56. How do you determine core size
  57. Full bridge SMPS
  58. A Guide to Designing. Copper-Foil Inductors
  59. 250W 350Vdc SMPS
  60. Car SMPS DC-DC SG3524 and SG3525 complete with schematic and PCB ready.
  61. Litz wire - Fact or fiction
  62. Problem with IR2153 SMPS
  63. My first build smps 1kw design by microsim..
  64. Need advice - SMPS YES or NO, but....
  65. Another IR2153 SMPS
  66. How to yield more power from salvaged EE33/EI33 pc cores
  67. Battery-tobattery charger with push-pull converter.. need design
  68. 12v DC to 220v AC 600 w smps
  69. building SMPS for lab use
  70. Dc/dc with uc3842
  71. smps is it possible to increase dc output
  72. Forward Converter
  73. DO's and Dont's for making a good PFC.
  74. 1kw or more new SMPS project, help with parts
  75. Reusing old ATX power supply transformer
  76. 2KW PFC Using UCC28019A
  77. LLC Resonant Converter
  78. Half bridge SMPS based on ETD 44
  79. SMPS using PIC, flyback converter.
  80. flyback smps too much ringing ?
  81. Implementing Feedback in Booster Converter Using PIC16F87
  82. 1KW Variable SMPS University Project
  83. PiC based flyback SMPS
  84. Topology for 1KW DC-DC converter
  85. Boost converter for powering laptop(problems)
  86. Chose mosfet tranzistor in smps
  87. UCC3808 12-24V 3A DC-DC problem
  88. Inverter welder transformer calculations
  89. Additional transformer question
  90. My 1KW Commercial SMPS
  91. My 2500Watts to 5000Watts Comercial SMPS for Audio Amplifiers
  92. The non isolated offline buck converter
  93. SMPS for L15D (~300W, +-50V DC)
  94. My 1.5KW PFC test @ 100VAC input
  95. Some Tutorials and Articles
  96. New Project - 200W, HV SMPS, need advice
  97. General opinion requested for topology
  98. Choosing transformer core
  99. 0-100v 0-30a adjustable SMPS
  100. Cloning Chinese SMPS and changing output Voltage.Need advice!!!
  101. DC to DC converter design
  102. full bridge adjustable smps - advices about drawing pcb
  103. Small power SMPS-GIVE ME ALL YOU HAVE!!!
  104. Transformer calculator with skin effect included
  105. Lets make most compact SMPS,yes this is chalenging
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  114. Uni SMPS 300W
  115. IR2153 Output Voltage Pulsing Problem?
  116. My first attend on building smps
  117. repair of delta / sanken DPS-85JB
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  119. Need help to buy an oscilloscope.
  120. My First SMPS
  121. Need help on PCB hp-D1301E0
  122. SMPS AC to AC circuit
  123. 1.5KW high frequency step down transformer
  124. 1.2kW SMPS from junk parts,low cost
  125. Help with PSU design - 2Kw unisolated Buck
  126. 0~500V SMPS based on SG3525
  127. Irs2153
  128. Is duty cycle related to output voltage?
  129. Power Supply for X-Ray Tube
  130. IR2110 Hi-OUT not working?
  131. MOSFET switching issues with Push Pull converter
  132. Simple smps for 100W audio amplifier needed.
  133. 92V , 1800W CV/CC SMPS Feedback design
  134. Ferrite material TDK H7B
  135. Ideas on debugging TxFer issues on Push Pull circuits
  136. AC-DC 100W Flyback SMPS
  137. what should the loaded primary waveforms on a 1KW SMPS look like?
  138. 16V/5W Flyback - Standby/Auxiliary Supply.
  139. 12v-24v to 230v smps inverter
  140. Boards Share
  141. Some questions about my SMPS TIG Welder build...
  142. Snubber calculation...
  143. 200va smps topologies
  144. newbie question
  145. smps in series ?
  146. Asking help from Microsim
  147. My first SMPS project - help needed please
  148. Suitable diodes.
  149. diy 1kW SMPS by Kaip
  150. Help !! SMPS Repair
  151. ATX schematics
  152. ATX psu tester
  153. pulsating Vout problem and questions [first smps project]
  154. Connection method of optocoupler inisolated SMPS?
  155. where to buy ETD cores ???
  156. Help with poles and zeros and control loops
  157. diy smps
  158. 230VAC to 12VDC SMPS Schematic?
  159. Smps with LM2575
  160. [council needed]3.3 kW 400Vac triphased power converter
  161. How To Calculate ETD Push-Pull Transformer
  162. how do i calculate Effective Area of ferrite cores?
  163. How to check if flyback transformer is working fine ?
  164. 2kW Full Bridge SMPS Design
  165. at what level is a MOSFET more efficient than a BJT in halfbridge?
  166. Input Capacitor for DCM Buck Converter
  167. Driving an ATX transformer "backwards" to get high voltage?
  168. mc33025 help/sg3825
  169. What kind of knowledge i should have for SMPS design
  170. Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply
  171. New guy here(first SMPS build)
  172. 120v SMPS without using input voltage doubler
  173. How to know parameters of existing SMPS Transformers ?
  174. n00b looking for some recommendations please?
  175. Help needed for 12V lead-acid battery switching mode charger.
  176. str41090
  177. detex audio smps
  178. smps3k
  179. Transformer suggestions - Push Pull 400W - Copper Foils
  180. Please, take a look at this TL494 power supply, is everything OK?
  181. Trying to design an SMPS, Stuck on working out the cores.
  182. my first smps (issues)
  183. 220V AC to 110V DC @ 10A SMPS
  184. (ask) mod atx psu
  185. (ASK) SMPS trouble....
  186. High voltage boost using UC3845. Need some assistance!
  187. New resonant converters controllers.
  188. Difference between DCM & CCM Compensation Network
  189. SMPS IR2153 problem and review
  190. IR2153 Power Supply Problem
  191. Problem in driving the high side mosfet with L6599( Resonant controller)
  192. Smps transformer design with copper foil/strip HELP PLEASEEE
  193. Easy SMPS for everyone :)
  194. Need Help on constant Voltage and Current Controlled Power supply
  195. Need help for 3 phase SMPS
  196. lop Sided +/- 17 volt supplies for Soundcraft PSM290 Power supply
  197. 6kW+ design project
  198. welding tig current source needs changed to constant voltage source
  199. Designing synchronous buck voltage regulator
  200. How to measure BVDSS in flyback circuit
  201. UC3842 to learn from
  202. Please HELP! me.(1.decide to choice schottky or ultrafast)&(2.Add feedback for SMPS)
  203. Tube Amplifier SMPS with Heater and Bias Supply
  204. half bridge Smps wave forms .....
  205. SMPS ICs manufacturers
  206. Need reference design of a 5V 80W to 100W DC SMPS
  207. Low efficiency and short output voltage range
  208. Full bridge driver for multi Kw supply
  209. Scratch building smps
  210. Microcontroller Switchmode Control
  211. SG3525 Driving Full Bridge
  212. Question about gate drive transformers
  213. SG3525 Full Bridge Driver
  214. SG3525 Current Regulation
  215. Gate Drive Transformer Issues
  216. SMPS for audio using SG3525 (800W)
  217. TL494 regulated Bench PSU
  218. 24V, 20A unregulated SMPS with IR2153D
  219. DIY photoresist PCBs
  220. most suitable dc dc
  221. smps for dc motor
  222. modifying an LED driver
  223. Noob to the forum
  224. 1300 w hp server smps power up signals
  225. Transformer connection for a smps welder 150 amp.
  226. Question about starting SMPS
  227. Trials on LM2575
  228. Automatic input AC voltage detection
  229. New design: 250W Active PFC SMPS
  230. 14VDC to 24VDC @ 100A..how cheap/simple can we get?
  231. the world of inductors and me...newbie questions!
  232. SMPS Failure Analysis and Repair
  233. Q: IR2153 feedback
  234. I'm searching of IR2153_SMPS in 300W
  235. a dumb chinese uc3843 smps remake
  236. feedback circuit question
  238. can i repurpose LOPT/TVflyback cores?
  239. Welding LVI supported ZVS inverter sim testing.
  240. SG3525 IR2110 50Khz 900W SMPS Question
  241. regulated TL494 based SMPS
  242. 40v,0-3.5A Output SMPS. Which topology? How do I proceed?
  243. Amorphous / Nanocrystaline core calculation 10kW SMPS
  244. 350W Half-Bridge SMPS with PFC
  245. 120W Half Bridge problem
  246. IR2153 frequency question
  247. problem with smps battery charger
  248. SG3525 Driver Circuit
  249. 2400 watt two switch forward converter igbt gate waveform problem
  250. what is flux density ??????