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  1. Necessary Equipments needed for SMPS development.
  2. SMPS Transformer Primary Turns Calculations
  3. SMPS transformer design tool
  4. How to power up a smps for the first time
  5. How to connect multiple power suplies outputs in parallel
  6. Broken Transformer Core
  7. How to determine core type
  8. Need help about core selection and transformer turn calculation
  9. ALL INFO about MnZn ferrit cores
  10. Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies Jestine Jong
  11. Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies Jestine Jong
  12. Looking for help to troubleshoot a solar inverter
  13. Easy method of removing ferrite core
  14. My Inductor Test Rig
  15. use a Computer SMPS to create a dual polarity DC supply ?
  16. Coursera: Intro to Power Electronics (Course on SMPS)
  17. Built a Differential O-Scope Amp
  18. 12v-24v to 230v smps inverter
  19. 24v to 15w cfl
  20. HV SMPS 12v - 500v
  21. Calculation programs for transformers and inductors
  22. Air gap of a ferrite core. How?
  23. Core materials
  24. gdp-002 Li Shin
  25. Feedback Compensation in SMPS
  26. Flyback Transformer v/s "Normal" Transformer
  27. Buck Converter Input current rquirement
  28. Tube SWPS
  29. Problem with switchmode welder
  30. IR2153 question
  31. Best ferrite core and its source
  32. behemoth IGBTs.... Think i could build a 'resonable' sized SMPS?
  33. Planar transformer design tool
  34. SMPS going off in sec
  35. PWM signal from SG3525
  36. smps schematic drawn for welding, now testing.
  37. Where to buy bobbin, core, copper wire, wrapper tape
  38. In search of: 300W smps with +/- 50VDC output
  39. dc-dc smps
  40. how to balance +12v and-12v in a smps?
  41. Newbie - Transformer cores
  42. PWM Controllers for DC-DC (push-pull) converter
  43. Ferrite core marking !
  44. modifying an LED driver
  45. Is PFC required for high-efficiency SMPS?
  46. Heatsink Temperature
  47. After info/schematics for Aus Mode AD2k5 240-48
  48. KA3525A help with pin outs.
  49. Help with Blue Ring Tester
  50. Proper Drive Voltage for IGBT
  51. I need to built a 18 volt @ 25 amp switching power supply
  52. IR2153 waveforms
  53. Tl431 - feedback Calculator - easy app for android
  54. Battery Operated Inverted Project
  55. Does anyone have info of PSFB(phase shift full bridge) topology smps ?
  56. push pull inverter
  57. Why arent bar magnet fields described in Oersteds or Ampturns/Length?
  58. The truth about PFC for audio circuits
  59. HELP NEEDED to calculate a snubber for the primary of smps
  60. Confused regarding ferrite core power output
  61. Help needed understanding Excellent IT software
  62. Efficient transform primary winding vs stable output regulation
  63. Wide input range
  64. Isolation transformer
  65. On resistance of MOSFETs vs temperature
  66. Switching power supply design by Abraham L Pressman
  67. Q about secondary side.
  68. Q about isolation transformers.
  69. Design a push-pull converter
  70. Testing circuits
  71. Tl494 smps
  72. High Voltage (1kV) power supply discussion
  73. Resistive load directly at the transformer output
  74. Designing 600 watts Synchronous buck with LTC3858-1
  75. Flyback SMPS transformer calculations
  76. SMPS for lab use
  77. How to build battery charger
  78. Yamaha DSR115 Mute Audio Output
  79. Switch mode power supply transformer Calculations
  80. LLC Converter digital control books recommendation
  81. Design of Current mode boost converter using MCP1630
  82. Best heat transfer insulator
  83. Help.. Rectifier -48V 42A PFC L4981AD Mod
  84. Standard gap for ferrite for flyback converter
  85. A Flyback SMPS Design using the Flyback-6200 software
  86. SMPS Repair
  87. Calculation for filtering capacitor
  88. SMPS Transformer secondary vs output voltage for high current
  89. A few questions about resonant SMPS