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alex mm
02-10-2019, 08:16 PM
Hi all ,
After, a few pleasant experiences, with valves, decided to build, a new audio PP amplifier, more powerful, and with better, THD under 0,3%, P=50W, Raa=6k6, Bf=10Hz ..... 100Khz and power supply HV=+500V , schematic attached . Also new design of cabinet, and quality components like Vima polypropylene capacitors , Alps potis , toroidal output transformers from Toroidy (poland) , metalized power resistors, Nichicon , Aero elco's and new ECC83 and ECC82 valves from Electro Harmonix, output tubes EL34 from same brand.
Printed board circuit designed by me and Dano, factory made in China . It was a great success, very good sounding amplifier, so I built an another one and, stil waiting transformer cover, from EBay . :) Right now, it's in burn in, state drawing, a pair of Taga Harmony Platinum F-120 speakers . They have SPL=93dB, 6 Ohms and P=240W .


02-11-2019, 01:02 PM
@ Alex

Very nice and clean build.

I wonder if you have that metal case custom built by some company?

I am looking for a place to build me a few custom enclosures for my new stuff.