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  1. XR2206 Frequency Generator controlled by current sink circuit

    Hi Folks,
    I've developed a Signal Generator / Frequency Counter that I think is more linear than most and works quite well. It includes a microcontroller driven LCD for frequency display. If interested, please visit my website at

    Don't let the website name fool you. It's a free website and they often have strange names.

    Bob O
  2. Topology for 2 - 3kW SMPS

    Hello people. I need some advices. What topology do you recommend me for that power? I'd like a conventional full bridge with IRFP460s PWM because I made some designs and I tested with some power (with high power I had troubles).
    Is it posible a Full Bridge PWM conventional converter for that power?
    What about the driver? Transformer or IC? I tested both and transformer is more robust. I burnt everything with a couple of IR2110
    Thanks guys!
  3. High current at turn-on primary side full bridge 2kw

    Hello people. I designed and built a 2kw full bridge SMPS. I use four IRFP460. Power supply works great, I almost don't have voltage spikes on mosfets. When I try to bring it to full load, I burned several mosfets. Temperature was moderate (40C). But when watching next time the primary side current of the transformer, I see high current spikes of high frequency at the turn-on. I guess, transistors burn by second breakdown (not to much voltage but high current). Primary voltage is very good. ...
  4. Class-d

    Do you explain about cores for class-d amplifiers?
  5. Explanation some technical terms for magnetic component(13)

    Explanation some technical terms for magnetic component(13)Color codes

    Inductors cloors codes have been standardized, the color marks or brands represent the inductor's value and tolerance, following is a table that translates the colours and numbers.
    color significant figures or decimal point multiplier inductance tolerance
    Brown 1 10 +/-1%
    Red 2 100 +/-2%
    Orange 3 1000 +/-3%
    Yellow 4 10,000 +/-4%
    Green 5
    Blue 6
    Violet 7 ...
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