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    SG3525 Half bridge battery charger- MOSFET blown issue.

    Hi everyone, Currently I'm trying to make an half bridge converter with SG3525 and gate drive transformer. The converter is intended to charge a 60V lead acid battery pack. Here is the schematic: Charging control and protection circuit is not complete yet, so they are not mentioned in the...
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    2 basic question about half bridge smps.

    Hi everyone, please do me a favor. 1. So far I found on the internet, these are the most common configuration of half bridge. I want to know what are the advantage (or disadvantage) of each configuration or which one I should use in which situation. 2. In the case of audio smps, I found...
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    IR2153 SMPS high frequency noise issue on touchscreen device.

    Hello everyone. I've just build the Audio smps 700w (IR2153) posted by Mr. Silvio. The original File posted by Mr. Silvio is Here. I've used smd version of the chip instead of DIP version. Also, i've used 4 U1520 diode instead of 3 RURP820C as the output rectifier. In 12V section, I've done it...