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    2kW Dual Rail Full Bridge SMPS

    This is my design layout.
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    Easy SMPS for everyone :)

    Your Schematic work perfect.. I set output +/-15V with 2x5 Turn. But i don't get 20V..
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    Can you help me about the connection? May i am using mcr100? This is my core ETD54.
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    1kW smps project (based on MicrosiM design)

    MY smps and class D was built.
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    My D900 Stereo Using 70Vdc simetris.

    My DIY class D900 stereo.
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    My first build smps 1kw design by microsim..

    I have read the tread of mocrosim and Ludo about 1kW SMPS. I plan to make a SMPS with 2x70 Vdc output with the current 10 amps. So help me for make it. I use ETD 49 but i don't know about the material. The schematic i can from...