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    Problem with half bridge

    HI I use this schematic for a 700 watt power supply.output voltage is 36v and current is 20amps.the core is etd44/freq is 50KHZ/primary is 30 turns litz(6*0.55)/secondary is 9 turns litz(22*0.55) circuit worked but after 1 minute secondary winding become very very hot and i can't use power...
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    400w current-mode boost UC3845

    hi i design this circuit and build it.under no load condition input is 15 and output is 36 without problem.but when i connetct a 6 ohm load out put voltage drop to about 14.5v and output current about 2.4amps. inductors are self made 31turns/2.5mm gap/er28(pc40 material)55uh under no load...
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    sg3525/ir2110 half bridge

    hi everyone i use this schematic to build a half bridge power supply. but i have some problems and need some helps. first problem is feedback.i think this feedback is not good beacause whit this feedback transformer produce a noisy sound like"tik-tik-tik"about twice every second. i read some...