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  1. MicrosiM

    TL431 calculation formula

    After some serious work with TL431 chip, I had to find the proper way to calculate the values of the resistors for any given voltage in a SMPS. The attached formula is the result of my work. However the formula is already found on the internet at many places, but I put it in an excel sheet for...
  2. MicrosiM

    SYSTEM_D Class-D amplifier using IRS-2092 ChocoHolic Design

    Hello. I would like to share my testing experience with the (SYSTEM_D Class-D amplifier using IRS-2092 designed by ChocoHolic) This is a 400W @ 2 Ohms Class-D amplifier that was developed by ChocoHolic at diyaudio, I bought my PCBs to test the performance of the amplifier, and to conduct...
  3. MicrosiM

    My new Class-D Amplifier 1250W @ 8R, 2500W @ 4R

    Hello. Just showing a quick video of my new class-d amplifier delivering good amount of power, from a small sized module. This is a self oscillating class-d amplifier, not using IRS2092. This amplifier can run from any voltage range +-50VDC up to +-100VDC without any modifications. Can run...
  4. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    Hello, Here I present my 1000W SMPS for audio amplifiers, this SMPS was carefully designed to outperform any SMPS in the market compared to its size and power capabilities. Input voltage 110 or 240 / selectable Possible Output voltages:- +- 53, +-64, +-78, +-93, +-104. (Unregulated) AUX1...
  5. MicrosiM

    Moving to a better Hosting Plan

    Hello On 12/08/2012 we are going to UPGRADE our hosting plan from the "Shared Hosting" to the "Virtual Dedicated Servers". This will improve the site performance, and resolve many issues we are facing, and will allow us to create a better backup system. Backup is one of the most critical...
  6. MicrosiM

    Power Soft

    Power soft Schematics Until now, They are not public until further notification ;) But you may put a request here, and you may get it :D Thanks
  7. MicrosiM

    1.5 KW Class D amplifier based on IRS2092, Commercial

    Here is a commercial 1600W class-d Amplifier based on IRS2092 chip. Full schematic.
  8. MicrosiM

    1KW PFC _ CCM Power Factor Corrector.

    First successful test of my 1KW PFC. Setup looks bad, But this is how it looks first time! :D Setup Information:- Topology:- CCM Input Voltage:- 107VAC Output Voltage (DC):- 382VDC Output Current (DC):- 2.9 AMP *Voltage Drop at 1000W Load is around 3 Volts. * Current Drawn from 107 V AC...
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    Forum Problems

    Please ALL Members. Post ANY error message you may face here please. We have noticed some problems recently. That will help us solve it faster
  10. MicrosiM

    Commercial SMPS using IR2153D

    Another Complete Project for IR2153D SMPS I have just found it on my PC!!! Enjoy! I never built this model. either the PCB Friend of mine sent me this long time ago, it only needs to take a look at it, before you build it its READY MADE PCB. And it looks to me it was used in commercial...
  11. MicrosiM

    Do you have something to exchange?

    Do you have something to exchange, to sell or you have an amplifier and Want an you have a transformer and want another different voltage one... Here is the place you can do that...make here you business with your forum friends ;)
  12. MicrosiM

    Forum Problems and Suggestions

    Please feel free to talk about forum problems and suggestions
  13. MicrosiM


    Hello. Regarding posts: 1- you can upload up to 20 pictures per POST, in any thread. 2- You have 200 Private messages 3- If you have a specific extention of file, please let us know, and we can add it quick. 4- We give huge upload storage file sizes compared to other forums, example .zip...
  14. MicrosiM

    The Best Amplifier I have ever heard

    In refrence to the hard work done by Jozi and Kubo, and the gift they gave to diysmps I have made this roubust amplifier, I was inspired with the results. Outstanding sound quality, Detailed output, Clean Sonics! Clarity in sound I enjoyed the music with that amplifier. Below some...
  15. MicrosiM

    Leach-200W High End Amplifier

    Now I am working the Leach-200W high quality audio amplifier for audio Some pictures and the schematics
  16. MicrosiM

    diysmps Rules

    diysmps is a place for all members of the DIY Switching Power Supplies, and all other related electronics, to learn, share knowledge, and enjoy interacting with others interested in the design and construction of elecronics. This privately owned forum reserves the right to limit the behavior of...
  17. MicrosiM

    SMPS Transformer Primary Turns Calculations

    Here some informations about calculating PRIMARY TURNS for SMPS transformer
  18. MicrosiM

    Necessary Equipments needed for SMPS development.

    Since there will be some DIY SMPS projects in here, or may be at any other locations. I wrote the below paper for the DIY people, In order to help them making there own SMPS, while following some safety procedures. The paper talks about Necessary Equipments needed for SMPS development, :x: and...
  19. MicrosiM

    4kw smps

    Here is my 4000W switching power supply for audio amplifiers... Its just the begining, more results coming..
  20. MicrosiM

    1000W mosfet amplifers

    Here All files. As they are from there original sources