Help Pls: IR2153 HB failure.


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hello all! happy holidays!

school vacation is on so i would like to get on some fun projects done.
anyway ive been stumped on my recent/first trial for an IR2153 HB build for an amplifier. i wanted to try out first if i can get the IC to work.

ive had danyk's schematic in my head as sort of a guide/reference:

i tried to veroboard the circuit with an ATX trafo just to get a quick and dirty smps. turns ratio should give around 25vdc on the 12v sec winding.
plugged it in, and the series 50w incandescent protection bulb glowed steadily. mosfets busted [they were tested ok before], and IC also busted. no smoke no sparks.

so i put the IR2153 circuit on the breadboard powered from an 12v supply. heres a pic of my board.

RC is 22k/1n giving around 32khz on the output. 10k dummy load resistors. the diode from pin1 to pin8 is an HER308, 100n mylar cap from pin8 to pin6.
the breadboard circuit WORKED FINE with push pull config [pin1 straight to pin8, pin6 to ground] but when i put the diode/capacitor combo for the highside i dont get any signal across the 10k resistor [electrical connection ensured].

the low side output still puts out around 31.8khz at 46% duty. i tried other IR2153 from the batch but all the same.

i could be a big idiot at times so i think i might have missed something somewhere. anything that could help?

thank you very much and happy holidays again!


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Do you have a problem maybe I can help you?

Regards, Silvio
I try to built this smps but each time I power on the MOSFET blow and I use this schematic I don't know what causes it, ur help would be greatly appreciated thanks


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The IR2153 is designed to power medium power mosfets, (10A) however in this circuit the 20n60 mosfets used have a a very low gate charge (170nC) the chip can drive them well. If you are using different ones then observe the datasheet and note the total gate charge. This must not exceed 200nC.
The gate resistors being 15R are rather small and this brings the chip working to the limits. (22R) is a better choice. A diode across the gate resistors (1n4148) with the anode pointing towards the chip will help switch off.
A 10k resistor across gate and source will also avoid stray gate charge.
C5 (bootstrap) being 45uF seems rather large and I suggest you change to 1uf. This must be good quality and low esr. The reason to change it its because it may not have enough time to fully charge between between each cycle.
Lastly always put a 60-100w bulb in series with the mains supply as a current limit. This will help to save the mosfets if there is something wrong with wiring or circuitry. If all is working well the bulb will flash at startup then switch off again during operation of the smps with no load.


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One other thing I am noticing is that the voltage regulation at pin 1 is all depending on the internal 15v zener inside the chip. I also advise you to add an external 15v zener from pin 1 to pin 4 to help out with current handling. This 18K resistor feeding pin 1 deliver a power of around 650mW which is a bit too much for the internal zener to handle alone.