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Thread: Troubleshoot OLD SMPS 200W

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    Troubleshoot OLD SMPS 200W

    My first post here. I have for repair one old SMPS 150-200W which had broken caps and PWR trans in LIVE side.
    Now it has two trafo 5V/15A ,12V/5A +15V/1,5A -15/1A. it has a LM1723 I think as ref. with an SCR and a "Secret" pottet board with, I think, control circuit.
    It do not really startup, pulls .7A @ 90V AC and the SCR and PWR trans gets hot !! So I do not get full mains on it (yet).
    Then the output voltages is not right yet but If I pull out the SCR The output voltages aspire and look right but it makes alot buzzing noise.
    I do not have any info or schematic on it. So any good ideas are most wellcome.

    Here is some pict.


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    Check power devices, then make sure that the chip has the supply needed to power it up.

    Also, check those capacitors at the primary side &

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