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Thread: CRT oscilloscope power supply which topology.

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    CRT oscilloscope power supply which topology.

    I need to power a 'scope project.
    I have either 5v (preferably) or 12v source, and I need +12v, +300v, +400v, -200v, -300v and 6.3v (ac filament) voltages.
    The high voltages are less than a mA, the 6.3 filament is around 3 watts.
    Initially I'm thinking Tl494 (which needs >5v for its ref to work) voltage mode regulated supply with push pull connected transformer, as I'm thinking this will work reasonably well regulating just one of the voltages (+300v B+).
    I have been using Ltspice to simulate the system with a switching model, just guessing the coupling factor for the trans.
    Any ideas?
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