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Thread: Have not any details about a Toroidal Core

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    Confused Have not any details about a Toroidal Core

    Firstly Sorry for bad English.
    My questions are:

    I have a toroidal core and have not another information for this.

    What can learn of this core

    1 ) I think we can learn Al Value (I don't know detail )but I know this value help "How many turn for need L (Enductance Value)

    2) How learn this core's working frequency

    3) How learn Bmax Value?( Actually if find at 1.value so Al value it can learn Bmax too )

    4) What is this EI type SMPS transformer's energy capability ,I mean what is power rate ? (this is another type transformer so it is called ETDxxx type transformer)

    Thanks for all replys
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