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Thread: Car power amp for subwoofer 180W into 8ohm

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    Car power amp for subwoofer 180W into 8ohm

    This I made for my friend, who wants little amp to feed his sub-woofer in the car.
    The switching power supply is based on SG3524 - data-sheet circuit. Feedback is with optotransistor, thatīs why is SMPS very bump. The effectiveness of SMPS achieves something more then 80%.

    Full power: 180W/8ohm
    min. load impedance : 8R
    input voltage for full power: 0,35V RMS
    transmitted band: 30-150Hz
    voltage in the output of SPS: +-55V
    effectiveness: cca 80%
    max off-take current: 23A@12V - 150W/8R
    fuse protection: 20A auto-fuse
    dimensions: 150*210*75

    I hope, it will appeal to You.
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    Congratulations, Can you transfer schematics?

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    Thumbs up SMPS Car

    Very nice car amplifier.

    Is there a schematics for project and PCB will be published?

    Is this only for sub woofer amplifier? can be used for good sounding amplifier?

    Transformer? is it accessible to DIY like me?

    Amplifier technical data please, one channel or two?

    Thank you

    Very well designed PCB
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    This is only one channel amplifier, the crossover is not switch-able so itīs fixed. It was doing for specific loudspeaker.
    T can only post schematic of SPS, because amplifier and crossover are just in my mind .
    Yes transformer is made by me...
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    hi Buddy

    This is just what i was looking for.

    Could you please share schematic and partslist please

    Thanking you in advance

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    Try to contact me via email or ICQ, I still havent written schematic diagram,....
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    Still waiting for PCB layout and transformer construction details

    I also want to make one

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    Sorry, but i have a lot of work, and i have to learn on final exams too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAKUB_G View Post
    Sorry, but i have a lot of work, and i have to learn on final exams too.
    Can you share PCB and how to make transformer?

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    Sure, but I havent written schematic jet. With transformer it will be little problem because I really dont remember.. I have it somewhere written down...
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