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Thread: Car power amp for subwoofer 180W into 8ohm

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    o, what a pity

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    I asked for schematics long time ago

    Are you going to share PCB files + Schematics or not?

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    Sorry, I wrote the reasons in one of my thread in classAB. Yes, you asked, I know, but, I have to finish one... and than do something else.
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    Hi JAKUB_G!
    I and many others expected to see the PCB pattern here!
    Interesting because project so please display the schematic and the PCB!
    A big thank you in advance!
    Made me what your 100W High-End Amplifier and I am very happy with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAKUB_G View Post
    This I made for my friend, who wants little amp to feed his sub-woofer in the car.
    The switching power supply is based on SG3524 - data-sheet circuit. Feedback is with optotransistor, that´s why is SMPS very bump. The effectiveness of SMPS achieves something more then 80%.

    Full power: 180W/8ohm
    min. load impedance : 8R
    input voltage for full power: 0,35V RMS
    transmitted band: 30-150Hz
    voltage in the output of SPS: +-55V
    effectiveness: cca 80%
    max off-take current: 23A@12V - 150W/8R
    fuse protection: 20A auto-fuse
    dimensions: 150*210*75

    I hope, it will appeal to You.
    Great assembly!
    Where did you find this case heatsink?

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    Hello everybody. Im back. I didnt post the PCB layout and documentation, because there was some problem with this amp. I will sove it soon, i hope. But now Im working on swiching power supply (DC/DC convereter) about 250-300VA to supply any ampiefier.
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    Huge amplifier

    Big sized one.


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    Let's wait to see the 250...300VA DC/DC converter?!

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    Wow, what a beautiful project! Congratulations on a job well done!

    I guess like everyone else, I'd love to see documentation of the project, supply list (like the heatsink, transformer specifics, etc.), and construction details. But, there's no hurry. I understand life is busy and unlike others, I don't expect anything. I appreciate anything you have to offer, but it's totally up to you to provide details. If you wish not to, I totally understand and won't ever push.

    Thank you for everything you already posted!
    Kind regards,
    Paul - "DCPreamp"

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    was very nice design midget power

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