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Thread: Dx Blame Supercharged MKIII (three)

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    Hi Carlos,

    Ok I understand..
    If you have left pcb board just let me know.. My email:
    thank you and have a nice day..


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    Quote Originally Posted by alex mm View Post
    Hi all,
    after few years a new PCB it's alive ......Attachment 6673Attachment 6674 Attachment 6675Attachment 6676Attachment 6677
    Best regards,
    hello mr. alex
    best wishes for you.
    mister can you send me the file and layout of the maco amp, so that i can build and listen to what the song is like.

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    Sorry, Mako amplifier, it's not, an open project, not diy, it's commercial one. Ask permission, to designer, mr. Carlos Eugenio Mergulhao .
    Best regards,

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