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Thread: "TO-247" First Project - 600W SMPS"

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    Hello To247
    Hello MicrosiM
    Please tell me on what formulas are calculated transformer
    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by TO-247 View Post
    yes , but actually with SGs , not KAs.

    it was 14.6v , but i tested with higher voltages like 18 and that problem was still available.


    Up with some good and bad news !!

    I improved my pwm board , but before that , I did some test with a lot of circuits and with new SGs or KAs , finally i could get maximum duty about 46.8 from KA3525 ( about 46 at mosfets gates). also if i
    connect pin 7 (Rd) of SG to pin 5 directly , i can get maximum dutycycle about 47 or a bit higher in gates.
    I'm also tested new MicrosiM schematic , but it hadn't any differences whit my own schematic(specially in dutycycles) . you can find some picture of edited pwm board and testing progress.

    ok , lets go for good news :
    i didn't care of that problem , I finished the transformer's winding and i think that windings just fit on the half of bobbin. so I've added more mylar tape layers at the end !!

    when i finished windings , I decided to test the smps.
    at first , i put a 200w bulb in series with one of AC lines and i connected a multimeter to +/-40v output section for reading the output voltages. then , i turned the power on and i became so happy like this : because of no fault and enough output voltages around 84v.also i did some test on +/-24v section and that was really nice , had output voltages around 49v.

    Here is two video while testing the smps :

    First Turn On :

    Output voltages testing :

    then , i decided to apply some loads at the 80v outputs , but when i connected a 60w bulb to the outputs , the output voltages decrease from 84 to 78v !!
    after that , when i disconnected the mains , i touched the mosfet's heatsink and it was so hot !
    is it ok with a 200w bulb series with the input or not ?!

    today , i bought two larger heatsink and also two small thermometers for future testing.
    MicrosiM , please tell me some notes about testing progresses of a smps.
    can i connect my smps directly to AC lines ?
    can i check Vgs of mosfets with scope ?

    boa noite eu tive observando sua fonte e ví que na saida tem capacitores pequenos , sou novo ainda em fontes smps , mas fiz uma que achei na internet no site que deixarei o link , eu coloquei fet k4108 toshiba sem dissipador e com carga de uns 8 amperes não aquece .... se se interessar eu posto as fotos...

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    share pcb .thanks

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    Can you please share your PCB Layout or you can send it to Thanks

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