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Thread: Phantom Power Test

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    Phantom Power Test

    Here a little tool for testing the quality of a 48 V phantom power supply.

    In the DIN EN 61 938, the minimum requirement for a 48 V power supply is specified.

    U=48 Volt, +/- 4 Volt ; Imax= 10 mA

    Besides condenser microphones are also other devices such as. e.g. active preamps and direct boxes supplied with 48 volt phantom.
    For proper function this stuff needs in some cases the maximum current of 10 mA, which must be delivered from the power supply.
    In other cases there may be loss of quality, such as increased hum and noise to appear in the audio chain.

    You can check the requirements by using the PT48 very simple.

    Connect the PT48 into a XLR-socket provided for microphones and turn on the phantom power.
    If your "device under test" have multiple microphone inputs with phantom power (eg a multi-channel mixing console), you load all the channels with more PT48, condenser microphones, or other 48 ​​V phantom power consumers. This will ensure that you fulfill "devices under test" and the requirement for full channel utilization.

    Green LED:
    The phantom power supply meets the requirements.
    Red LED:
    The phantom power supply does not meet the requirements.

    If anyone is interested in a complete PT48:
    Search on for "Phantom Power Tester"
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