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Thread: 20000 watts per channel

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    Thumbs up 20000 watts per channel

    friends here is a class AB design I made with one of my learned friends, more than 20000 watts per channel,load can be down to 0.25 ohm(in a way can short output wires)distortion from 20hz to 20khz only0.09% on all loads, output voltage more than 70 volts.what else is needed
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    very high power amp sir have you pcb this amp?

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    diysmps Senior Member
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    do you have the smps to deliver that power or you are going to use a transformer?

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    I have just designed and tested it on simulation

    I have just designed and stimulated it on multisim12, got very nice results on every specs. Lots of work has to be done yet,I have massive torrid traffos with me and 50 pairs of genuine motorola 15024 and 25 with me,see my primary wound torrids , big 60 amps. 240 volts primary and the other 40 amps. 240 volts primary, secondry yet to be done.
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    With 20 pairs of 15024 and 25 this will be able to give round about 4000 watts, for 20000 watts 100 pairs will be needed and supply will be around 30000 watts, a very huge traffo, one used by electricity dept. will be needed, my big traffo will be able to give enough power for a stereo amp with 20 pairs in each channel

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    Good morning Mr. Feliber,
    I have seen that design earlier, as I have told theorticaly Amps can be made of thousands of wattage and can be made practicaly also.but as I earlier said, to run this short amps one will need gigantic power supplies,the circuit i put is basicaly 2500 watts into 4 ohm,load can be taken down to 0.25 ohms and simulations show same characterstics , but to tolerate that short of current output minimum 100 pairs of output transistors will be needed, material I have is only 50 pairs of transistors and traffo of 14400 watts primary,with this i will be able to achieve around 8000 -to- 9000 watts both channel.that is more than sufficient for me.

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    Friends , all will have to wait few days more as my father is not well and I am busy taking his care. meanwhile a snap of my small workshop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vedmitra View Post
    Friends , all will have to wait few days more as my father is not well and I am busy taking his care. meanwhile a snap of my small workshop.

    I like it... &

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    Some of the Amps I have already made
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