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Thread: 20000 watts per channel

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    I use these for testing of my amps along with speakers,for power loading capacity
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    My collection of Traffo cores around a ton waiting for rewinding, but my Father is first
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    This Mike mixer I made in 1983 , in 3days and night, Every work from p.c.b drawing to panel making , fitting , woodwork,done by me ,still in working condition used it for more than 20 years in my stage programmes
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    This P.c.b. drill machine which can even drill 4 m.m. hole in 6m.m Iron plate, completely made by me from cutting Iron sheets, welding,turning on lathe machine, fitting, painting,Table top model
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    Massive work indeed, Very nice &

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    Very NICE!

    Keep up that GREAT WORK!

    Congratulations from Romania!

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    Hi Vedmitra how's you're amp?any new's on it,it look's interested to me.

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    I am sorry folks like I have told earlier,my 84 year old father is very sick and as the only son I have to take his care day and night, so no time for workshop, allthis on net is as i have to be here in his room for all 24 hours.Mean time Photos from one of my linght and sound setup
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    Speaker boxes and Amps I am using for my self,Self made,Anybody can produce Sound from branded boxes and Amps, but to produce excellent Sound with your own made Equipments is the Art.
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    cool work verdmitra . pls have a look into class d

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