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Thread: Simple amp 300w

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    Simple amp 300w

    300W Micron Amplifier by IC LM741 NICE SOUND

    warm regards
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    Nice copy Sameerx1 try to do something like this with 741 also
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    One more circuit I.C. drive only p.c.b you posted
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    Here one more good and powerfull Ic. Drive circuit Sameerx-1, make a p.c.b. for it . I know you are good in p.c.b. making with sprint.
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    I want to make it , please give me PCB layout

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    diysmps Senior Member
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    Dec 2010
    hi sameer pls post pcb files and schematic

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    diysmps Member*
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    What did i miss here He did actually give the PCB design. Maybe in a format that need some work, but he did :.

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    dear sir
    plz pcb in pdf form

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    hello vedmitra ji
    have you occupied this circuit pcb,if yes plz share in pdf form with me,thanks yours

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    741 mod.bmp

    There is the scheme and pcb
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