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Thread: Calculation programs for transformers and inductors

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    Calculation programs for transformers and inductors

    Hello everyone!
    I present to you my program for the calculation of transformers and inductors.
    One of them ( ExcellentIT(6100) ) Dimonis you presented in your theme SMPS transformer design tool.
    The program ExcellentIT(7100) was corrected English translation and added standard AWG wire and the added choice of the desired diameter wire.
    selector is not signed due to lack of space, but it is a tool tip.
    In other programs, this selector signed "Use the desired diameter of the wire"

    I speak English poorly. I use Google translator.
    I would be difficult to answer your questions, but I will try.

    I'm not working, I'm retired. So I will be grateful for your financial support for my work on the development of these programs .
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    I don't think the wire diameter functions are working on Excellent 7100. I can change the wire diameter in the input box and switch between mm and awg, but a default value of 0.315mm or 28AWG is always used the calculator section. I also had the old 6100 software version running at the same time, maybe that's the cause?

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    In order to use your choice of diameters, check the check-box as shown in the picture in the red circle.
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    Yes, sorry I missed that, it's working fine. Do you know if that's the latest version of the software?

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    Yes, this is the latest version. I know, because I am the author of these programs.

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    Hi , oldman! ( Starichok in russian means exactly oldman )
    Glad that you yourself made a thread and gonna make all explanations by yourself.
    Good luck!

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    Thank you, Dimonis.
    Long thought, but decided to register and create my thread.

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    Hello sir starichok51

    I Need windng detial of etd 59 half bridge& full bridge my voltage is +/- 80v 15amp & +/-160,15amp .
    this is my first smps of (high amp) so pls tell me how to adjust dead time and frequancy.
    I use copper wire off 1mm for primary secondry winding off design base on microsim 1kv
    useing 2110 & sg3525 and etd 49 , I used igbt instead of fet the supply is +/-50volt,iwant to know
    how much amp of +/-50volt will give &how much wattage will it go to maximam.
    can this circuit be regulated,because,i want to know wheather it works from 180 to 230 volt ac if yes plse give
    me the modification of schematic.
    thank you

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    This topic does not discuss the schematic.

    Get the program ExcellentIT (7100).
    1. Choose the form of ECD.
    2. Select the core ETD59.
    3. Set the Initial data.
    4. Enter your diameters of the wires and check the box, as shown in Figure 3 in the post.
    5. Select the topology of "half-bridge".
    6. Make calculations transformer.
    7. Select topology "Full Bridge".
    8. Make calculations transformer.

    9. Select the core ETD49.
    10. Repeat steps 3 - 8 for ETD49.

    In the results of the calculations you get answers to your questions.

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    Hello sir starichok51
    Thanks for your reply of etd59 winding detail,i tried with your software ExcellentIT (7100) i could not calculate the winding properly,so it will be greatful to
    you if you could give me a example of ExcellentIT (7100) with attached image of etd 59 winding detail, my my frequency is 125kh half bridge.using sg3525

    thank you
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