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Thread: my 900w fullbridge smps project

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    my 900w fullbridge smps project

    This is full bridged and pulse transformatorized smps system.
    its's core is etd- 59. ı put 220v ac and ı get 2x100v output. main capacitors are 4x680uF 250v the mos-fets are ırgp 30n60. output diodes are mur1560 and pwm oscilator is SG3525
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    selam erhan739 kullandıgın etd59 trafosunun sargı ve spirleri hakkında bilgi verebilirmisin bende bu trafoyu kullanıyorum ama bir türlü sonuca ulaşamıyorum trafo hakkında bizi bilgilendirirsen sevinirim..

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    Arrow Schematics

    Hi erhan3

    Do you have schematic for this power supply?

    Is this better than half bridge SMPS?

    Thank you

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    The power efficiency can achieve much?

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    selam erhan739 şematik - pcb paylaşabilirmisin... etd59 un sarımları hakkında bilği verebilirmisin...

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    hi erhan cool project. but for that wattage use irf740 and etd 42
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    i am using Schematic , but it's 800W , +-42vDC ( 60khz )

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    Does this run off mains power? If so, your transformer doesn't meet the required safety specifications for reinforced insulation as it appears to use standard enamelled copper wire but has no margins. I can't tell if you've used the required number of layers of insulation between primary and secondary. It looks like you only have functional insulation, so it may work but wouldn't be safe to plug into the mains.

    I can't see the copper side of your board, but I expect that doesn't comply either.

    If it's any consolation, I expect most designs on this forum have the same issues, they just don't post pictures of their transformer windings for me to critique, but certainly most boards here fail to comply with safety regulations.
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    Buck derived converters in regulated power supplies require output inductors
    and the following control modes (voltage or current mode control; bold is recommended).

    Buck (CMC/VMC) | Forward (CMC/VMC) | 2-switch forward (CMC/VMC) | Half Bridge (VMC) | Push-pull (CMC) | Full Bridge (CMC). Click for basic schematics.
    ON Semiconductor TL431 design guide

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