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Thread: 1000w smps based on LUDO3232

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    Thanks for quick reply Silivio
    My wave form without main power on is very good. But after switch on main power i am getting this type of waves at Mosfet. I have removed transformer also still I am getting this type of wave.

    Please clarify setting of Oscilloscope marked in red no 1 and 2.

    Wave at Trafo-2.JPG


    S Das

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    Hi Das, I think you may be doing something wrong. Post a picture of your PCB From top and also from bottom. I need to see what you done. Post also a picture of the waveform without main power.

    The scope is showing what it should show. It is where are you putting your probes that matter.

    Try to put a couple of turns with a piece of enameled copper wire around the transformer core on top of all other windings. Put the scope probes on the ends of this loop. The loop around the transformer will provide a safe voltage for your scope and it will be totally isolated. This is another way to check your waveform.

    Please do as I tell you otherwise I cannot help you.


    This is what the waveform should look like.

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    Thanks Silvio

    Please find attached pictures. Now I am removing some parts from PCB to check Individually.





    S Das

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    Today I have test with temporary setup my SMPS with 35V power supply.Every thing works well. Attached wave form for your reference.

    Again i connected with 230v then same issue bulb is glowing.


    Samarendra Das

    test with 40v.JPG


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    Hi Das As I can see from the photos you sent that the waveform is getting on top of each other. Once you get this distortion it will not oscillate properly and the transistors will try to switch on at the same time. This is making your lamp glow, if you take it out then boom goes your mosfets.

    I think there may be a problem in the transformer. See if you can find a transformer from an old computer power supply and try with it. Keep in mind that if the waves get disturbed from the IR2110 so does your waves at the gates and output waveform. Did you try to change sg3525 and also IR2110?

    You can also try some decoupling on the oscillator PCB. Put 104 capacitor (100nF) between 12v supply feeding sg3525, solder it from the copper side directly with the legs of the IC. Put also gate source resistors 4k7 ohms.

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    Hi Das i think your problem is that until you are testing you should ground pin 10 of sg3525 and not leave it open. This is very sensitive and any interference may cause it to partly trigger your shut down and disturb the waveform.

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    Hi Silvio

    Thanks for giving suggestions. Finally I got the success. Only problem i was using 12v from a PC SMPS. for 12v i used one small transformer then every thing fine. I also tested in series and direct connection.Results are good. But while switching off the the SMPS i am getting a TIK sound from Transformer. I have test only 100W ouput, I will try to put more load and let you know.


    S Das

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    Now my SMPS is working fine.Can anybody please guide me after rectification of 220V which one is better option for Half bridge SMPS using two 4 capacitors of 1000uf/250v or 2 capacitors of 680uf/450v.


    S Das

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    Quote Originally Posted by mituadas View Post
    Now my SMPS is working fine.Can anybody please guide me after rectification of 220V which one is better option for Half bridge SMPS using two 4 capacitors of 1000uf/250v or 2 capacitors of 680uf/450v.


    S Das
    With 4 capacitors of 1000uF /200v you will have a value of 1000uF across the 320v line with 2 capacitors 680uf/400v you will have a value of 1360uF across the 320v line. 680uf will have more capacitance. You will need 2 divider capacitors 2uF/400v to divide the 320v rail.

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    After successful project of Half bridge SMPS 1KV I am going for net project Full bridge 2KV. One doubt is whether to use IR2110 or GDT for mosfet/IGBT driver. I do not have knowledge on GDT. Can any body guide me how to make(Core/wire size/Turns) GDT as per below picture.


    S Das

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