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Thread: Anova QC3.0 19W Flyback Converter Using PI INN2215K/1227K

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    Anova QC3.0 19W Flyback Converter Using PI INN2215K/1227K

    This is a small SMPS project. It takes me a long time to get the output power of this circuit close to the spec.
    USB Interface
    Qualcomm QC3.0 compatible
    Input 80-250V 50Hz
    Output Voltage 5-12V
    Output Current 3.5A max
    Output Power 19W max
    Output Ripple(Vp-p) <3%
    Efficiency(50-100% load) >84%
    Now, I still have some problems with this circuit.

    The major problem is that the output power drops sharply as the output voltage rises from 5.31V to 12.6V. Here is the measurement result.

    I probed the drain pin8 of the INN2215K and found the overshoot can be as high as 180V, this is too high compared with the PI design example DER494, which is merely around 60V. Meanwhile, the output ripple also far from satisfactory. I attach the waveform here. The yellow line is the drain and the cyan line is the output ripple measured with a 100MHz DSO.

    Can somebody help to let me know what is wrong and how to improve here? Thanks a lot.

    Test items

    5V 0A Test

    5V 2.3A Test

    5V 3.5A Test

    12V 0.9A test

    12V 1.5A test
    Fail, auto shutdown when increasing the load to let output go over 1A

    Test Setup Picture

    Reference PI DER494(will post shortly after)

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    This is the schematic that I use.

    Reference PI DER494
    DER-494 - 19.5 W Quick Charge 2.0-3.0 Compliant Charger.pdf

    The difference between my build and the PI official schematic is that I removed the C3. And I used IRF540N for Q1 the SR fet, a 100pF chip compacitor for C13, and a 24V zener for ZD1.

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