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Thread: vacuum tube smsp

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    first time i upload Schematic
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    I see the schematic now, well there is no true feedback and the output is not sensed for voltage. You only have a means of changing the pulse width with a preset. As the load changes so does the pulse width need to change to maintain regulation of the output voltage. In your case the output is not sensed.

    Regarding your circuit you said that the waveform tend to change when the voltage on the output starts going down. First of all you must check the waveform on the output of the IR2110 and not the output of the sg3525. The input of the IR2110 is logic and if the waveform on the sg3525 is disturbed a little the output waveform will still be nice and square. What is arriving at the gates is most important.

    If you want to find a compromise with your circuit you must load the heater output and also mimic the plate load otherwise there will be no change in output voltage. I already told you, you must have a load on the output. Do not try without it. You can try to load with 2 or 3 bulbs of 15w/220v in series to load the output. This will load the output to around 5w to 8w. Your output inductor must be around 300uH on each leg. The windings must be one opposing the other which means one is wound clockwise and the other anticlockwise if they are on the same former. If on separate former it does not matter which way you wind them.

    I hope this helps

    HV smps.JPG
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