IR2153 HO doesn't switch


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did you try with another transformer if available bogdan? you can try change mosfet first let see if its working good.


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Fixed schematic is below. I powered the chip separately with a 12V supply and increased the input voltage. The rest of the circuit is just a bulb instead of the transformer and the input circuit without the bootstrap resistor.
First waveform is the high side mosfet without the input voltage. As soon as I increase that voltage (even a tiny bit), the waveform becomes the one in the second picture.
I will try one more thing, I have a board with SG3525 and IR2110, and I'll put it in place and see how it's performing.

Well, I have to admit that your information is not very detailed and often rather unclear.
1. What do the photos actually show? The GS-voltage, the HO-VS Voltage or what else?
2. What do you mean by "... mosfet without the input voltage"? Without an input voltage the MOSFET will not switch at all. :-/
3: Which voltage do you increase? What does tiny in that context mean? No voltage (0V) plus some mV is always a rather huge change!

It would be good if you measure some voltages on the high-side:
1. HO.
2. The Gate voltage of the MOSFET.
3. VB
all with respect to VS.
Your scope has 4 channels, so this should be no problem.
Choose the timebase that one or maximum two pulses can be seen.
Take a photo with a higher resolution! :)

You should swap one or some of these parts: the IR2153, the high-side MOSFET, the high-side buffer cap C3.
They probably got damaged during your tests with the wrong diode (1N5819) and with the wrong wired resistor (HO-GND).