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  • Mistique You can find the pdf on the link below the pdf file is on post #13

    regards Silvio
    hi sir i will be off in building my hobbies for a moment due to we suffered earthquake three successive magnitudes 6.3, 6.6, 6.5 with intensity 7 and up, w/ more aftershocks for now. it causes damages that leads our house to no longer habitable. but i will continue reading some posts any moment for fun and learnings.

    You can download the file on page 2 post #13 on the tread 700w smps by Silvio
    Hello, Silvio! I read your post about the 700W source with IR2153 and I am interested in receiving it by e-mail.
    My address is:
    Thank you very much!
    Hi Delta67 If you want some information for converting an ATX supply I found a website that explains this in detail. The site is in Italian but you can use google translate to get it to English or another language of your choice. I myself found it very helpful and it can guide you very well.


    Regards Silvio
    Hi Silvio,
    I hope u're fine and u're enjoying ur time.
    Many thanks for ur projects and videos , keep this great work on.
    I need ur help please to convert a TL494 based ATX power supply to a 3 stage LA battery (60AH) charger.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Best regards

    I am trying to order 1000w SMPS components from Aliexpress but dit not find RURP820C . Can you please suggest exact name or any altenative for this.


    S Das
    Hi Das welcome to diysmps. You can come to the forum. Select diysmps and open a new tread. upload also the schematic diagram so that other members can help you as well. There are also a few smps schematics that others have build successfully that you can try.

    Regards, Silvio
    This is S Das from India. I am trying for the first time to built a SMPS. This Schematic i have collected from net. Can you please suggest me Transformer size and winding details.

    Please send me you Email Id so that I will send you the Schematic.

    my Email
    Samarendra Das
    Hi mr.silvio,Please help me, what about pad 9, ??? If I follow the way you post on YouTube, winding small transformer.pad 9 is it possible if not in use ??
    I have prepared what I need to build the project you share. For capacitor 2.5uf can i replace it with mylar 4.7 uf,? I do not understand about the roll etd49. Can you teach me, how to roll it, not how much calculation the number of rounds. whether lap is like clockwise round, or opposite?
    Hi silvio, sorry to disturb your time, I am from indonesia, my english is not good, can you help me in making smps 1000w project that you share to all group member.
    muy buenos dias maestro verdad que me place conversar con una persona como usted llena de conocimientos y de experiencia y de igual trasmitiendoo a todos en el foros me gustaria de igual manera de aprender un poquito tambien pero de ante mano quiero presentarme soy hernan villa aunque este registrado como jhonaudio soy de colombia vivo en barranquilla municipio de soledad atlantico le que mas me intereza es como calcular mis trafo
    You can send it by going to advanced, then select insert image click choose picture from computer and upload it. you should select the pic that you upload and then click post.
    If the picture is very large then you can use insert attachment (Paper clip icon) and send it as attachment.
    Hi Silvio,

    How can I send to you high res picture of my smps project ?
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